• Gravel and Stone Permeable Surface, Designed by Earthscapes
  • Native Sons Gravel and Stone, Designed by Dave Fross
  • Arizona Flagstone, Gravel and Groundcover, Designed by Gabriel Frank
  • Patchwork Path
  • Pavers Edged With Gravel
  • Textured Look Driveway
  • Wide Open Driveway
  • Stones in Sand, Designed by Earthscape
  • Pavers, Designed by Amy Bartell
  • Rail Road Tie Steps Angled, Designed by Sandy Hendricks Landscape Desi
  • Stepping Stones and Blue Star Creeper
  • Large Pavers in the Garden
  • Shaded Steps, Designed by Confidence Landscaping
  • Cal Greek Solemn Statuary, Designed by Stephanie Blanc
  • Cal Greek Patios Galore, Designed by Stephanie Blanc
  • Garden of the Week Fifty 18, Designed by Stephanie Blanc
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Gallery Permeable Surfaces
Designer: Earthscapes

Garden Ideas: Permeable Surfaces

Photographer: GardenSoft