Creeping Fig
Blue Star Creeper

Creeping Fig

Common name: Creeping Fig
Botanical name: Ficus pumila

This is one of the few vines that can attach itself securely to wood, masonry, or metal. It can overcome an entire building! It can reach 30' long and 3' wide! It is drought tolerant once it's established, just needing water occasionally. It can be used in coastal areas, as an espalier, and used for privacy especially if grown on a fence or wall. It can be trained and pruned to use as a topiary. Flowers are inconspicuous.

Blue Star Creeper

Common name: Blue Star Creeper
Botanical name: Pratia pedunculata

Pratia pedunculata has bright green, nearly stemless, 1/4" leaves. In late spring and summer, these form a backdrop for equally tiny, star-shaped pale blue flowers.