Myers Asparagus
Dwarf Carolina Laurel Cherry
Golden Bamboo, Fish Pole Bamboo

Myers Asparagus

Common name: Myers Asparagus
Botanical name: Asparagus densiflorus 'Myers'

An evergreen groundcover, the 'Myers' also makes an excellent hanging basket plant when larger in size. Its formal looking fronds have an even, spiral arrangement of leaflets. It is damaged by severe frosts, and looks best with at least occasional watering.

Dwarf Carolina Laurel Cherry

Common name: Dwarf Carolina Laurel Cherry
Botanical name: Prunus caroliniana 'Compacta'

This large evergreen shrub or small tree has leaves that are glossy and 2"-4" in length. It is excellent as a formal hedge or an informal screen. It has creamy white flowers in late winter and spring followed by small black berries. 'Compacta' reaches 8'-10' tall and 6'-8' wide and tends to be more dense.

Golden Bamboo, Fish Pole Bamboo

Common name: Golden Bamboo, Fish Pole Bamboo
Botanical name: Phyllostachys aurea

This Bamboo will grow to about 25' tall and is drought tolerant with dense foliage. This running bamboo needs to be restricted or confined.