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Single User / Sole-Proprietor

If you will be the only one accessing this plan, please select the billing cycle you prefer. These plans are billed monthly or yearly.

Cost before discount ($24.99 × 12 months)
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Total after free trial
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Multiple Users

If your organization will have multiple users accessing this plan, please select the option that applies.

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Note: This option is not recommended for users who need to work concurrently on different projects.

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Only users listed in your sign-up form will have access to training tools and customer service. These plans are billed annually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged during my free trial?

No, you will not be charged during your free trial, which begins today and ends on December 5, 2020. You can cancel anytime before December 6, 2020 to avoid being charged.

How can I cancel during my free trial?

We make it easy for you to cancel online. Just look for the link in the email sent upon subscribing, or contact us at:
(805) 499-9689 |

What happens after the free trial period?

Your official checkout and billing date will be 8 days after you sign up for your account. You will be charged your plan’s rate on that day of the month every month or that exact date every year, depending on the account you’ve selected.

Will I get updates for PlantMaster?

Yes, we are continually working to improve PlantMaster and you will have access to new plants and features as they are released.