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One user per account. These plans are billed monthly or yearly.

Multi-User Accounts

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Note: Best for offices with several people who will be using the software at different times. Ex: Landscape Designer, Office Manager, CEO.

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If you have more than one person who will be using PlantMaster, please select the option that best applies. Learn more about these options here .

If you already have an account and need more, please do not use this form!
Contact us at so that we can set you up with the best pricing and update your existing billing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged during my free trial?

No, you will not be charged during your free trial, which begins today and ends on February 2, 2023. You can cancel anytime before February 3, 2023 to avoid being charged.

How can I cancel during my free trial?

We make it easy for you to cancel online. Just look for the link in the email sent upon subscribing, or contact us at:

I have multiple people in my company, which account type is best?

Not to worry! Go here to learn more about our multi-user account options . If you need any help, please contact us at

I already have an account, how can I add more?

Please contact us at so we can help you find the best solution and ensure your billing is set up properly.