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PlantMaster presentation on various devices

Meet your new favorite tool - PlantMaster!

It's a super easy way to organize and share your plant selections.
Send your clients a comprehensive presentation that includes multiple photos of each plant.
And the best part? It's all in a simple, user-friendly format that makes it easy to learn and understand.

Make a Big impression.

Interact with your customers

Your customers often want to be part of the design process. Offer them a fully immersive experience where they can explore your plant choices up close and personal. Impress your customer with presentations chock full of numerous and beautiful high resolution images, bloom charts, sorting capability and more!

See Example Interactive Presentation
Presentation screenshot

Let the Plants Shine

If you wanted to show your family pictures of your vacation, you wouldn’t show them one or two tiny thumbnails. No, you would show them lots of large pictures. So why not do the same with plants?

Impress your customers with multiple high resolution images of each plant. Showing close ups, pictures of the plants in bloom, at various stages of maturity, fall color, and seasonal interest will help your customers visualize their garden.

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Plant Search screenshot

Keep things simple when needed

If your customers prefer a more simple presentation, send them a variety of digital reports. Choose the report formats that best emphasizes the plant data you wish to convey. Reports can be viewed on any device.

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Example Printouts

Leave behind something beautiful

And for customers who want to hold something in their hand, you can print or create a PDF of any report.

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Echinacea graphic

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Kathleen Shaeffer

" Clients love it!

I've been using PlantMaster for a few years now and I can't say enough about how useful it is. PlantMaster has pretty much everything I searched for in an on-line plant data base. It allows me to tailor plant slideshows for each project with a variety of presentation options. Clients love it! It's a snap to generate lists for drawings, nurseries, and/or contractors.

In addition to the PlantMaster plant database, I'm able to add plants and photos of my own. There are also a lot of other ‘goodies' in the program as well — business advice, inspirational landscaping ideas, nursery info, tutorials, etc.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects is the easy accessibility of the founder(s). I have always gotten prompt responses to any questions I've had. The program continues to add more flexibility and ease of use — I use it daily and can recommend it without reservation!

Kathleen Shaeffer | Kathleen Shaeffer Design

See how it works.


Find the Right Plants

PlantMaster is powered by an advanced plant database. Search and filter through plants based on more than 36 different characteristics. Find the right plants, faster.

Plant Search screenshot

Customize or add your own plants

Don't see the plant you need or want to add your own images? The plants and data in PlantMaster are 100% editable. You can create an ePlant with your own information or modify from an existing plant.

ePlant editing screenshot

Organize plants in their areas

Once you've picked the plants for your project, organize them by where they will be placed in the landscape. For example, create an area for the front yard, back yard, patio space, pool deck, etc. Your customers can view these groupings.

Project areas screenshot

Build legends and budgets

Track quantities, container sizes, and remarks for each project. Easily create spreadsheets to send to nurseries or pricing tables to see if your plant costs are within budget.

Legend spreadsheet screenshot

Send presentations and reports

Send your presentation in a variety of ways! Send digital reports or interactive presentations. Or create PDFs to hand to your client.

Presentation screenshot

Still have questions?

  • What if you don't have my plants?

    We work very hard to have the RIGHT plants. We work with designers in every region to build up our database to include the plants they use over and over again. But if they are not in there you can either add them yourself, or request to have them added by us.

  • Can I add my own plants? Can I add my own images or change the order?

    Yes. A quick way to add a whole new plant into the system is to duplicate a similar one and modify only what is essentially different. Then add your own images to it. PlantMaster invites customers to submit plants for inclusion in the system, as well. We are constantly working to grow the plant database.

  • What presentation options are there?

    Among the standard printable reports and plant legends, we also offer the ability to generate a mini website of your project plants, loosely based on our Plant Search. You can send your customer a link to this website and they can view your plant selection from any device that can access the internet...

  • Can I add my branding to a presentation?

    Yes! You can upload your logo and link it to your website. You can also include your contact information in every presentation. Lastly, all PlantMaster logos, copyright symbols, and other branding are hidden in the presentations – so your customer only sees your vision.

  • Do you integrate with CADD?

    We provide various exports that can be used to 'import' into your CADD application of choice. We are currently working with the leading CADD developers like Land FX, Dynascape and VectorWorks to integrate with their systems more seamlessly. Stay tuned.

  • Is there a Mac version?

    PlantMaster is an online application. So you can use PlantMaster on any device that can browse the internet! Try it out on your phone, tablet, or laptop!

  • How do I upgrade or cancel my account?

    If you want to make any changes to your account, please send an email to

  • How can I find out more?

    There are several ways you can learn more about PlantMaster. First, we host a Q&A session over Zoom every Wednesday. You can join and ask any questions you want. We do training on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so you can always get a more advanced look at the tools. And you can always send us an email if you have a specific question. Email us anytime at

Anne-Emilie Gold

" PlantMaster is a tool that I use for every one of my projects. I send my clients a plant palette at the beginning of a project, and Plant Lists as the design gets refined. My clients love the presentations. They have commented on the ease of use and the quality of the information provided for each plant.

Anne-Emilie Gold
Gravel to Gold, Inc. Landscape Design & Construction
Kimberly Alexander

" PlantMaster is an invaluable tool for me and for my clients. It makes my presentations effortless and look far more professional than the old way of printing out individual photos. Moreover, the site is so easy to use. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Kimberly Alexander
Allee Landscape Design
Amelia B. Lima

" I feel that PlantMaster makes my presentations look professional and polished. It is a great tool to communicate our vision to clients. The high resolution images and the different aspects of each plant really helps customers as they are presented plants that, most of the time, they are not familiar with.

Amelia B. Lima
Amelia B. Lima and Associates, Inc.