Sea Pink
Mueller's Fescue
False Heather

Sea Pink

Common name: Sea Pink
Botanical name: Armeria maritima

This clumping, grass-like perennial is native to many areas, including coastal California. Its flowers range from deep rose pink to white.

Mueller's Fescue

Common name: Mueller's Fescue
Botanical name: Festuca muelleri

This Central European native fescue has shiny, dark green, thin blades that are slightly bluish green. It is a cool season grass that grows up to 8" tall and wide. If massed together, it can become a lawn alternative. Flowers appear in early summer but are considered insignificant. This fescue does best in full sun with moist, well draining soil. In warm inland areas, it appreciates afternoon shade. This clumping plant is drought tolerant once it's established.

False Heather

Common name: False Heather
Botanical name: Cuphea hyssopifolia

A shrubby dependable evergreen perennial that grows quickly to 2' tall and 4' wide, the False Heather bears small, closely-set leaves and tiny pink/lavender flowers. It heaviest bloom period occurs in summer, with some flowers present almost all year. The plant does well in full to part sun, with regular watering and more during hot spells. This plant does well in containers. Also known as: Hawaiian Heather,