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Tour IE Gold Fire
Snow In Summer
Kangaroo Paw 'Yellow'
Sea Lavender
European White Birch
White Spruce
Silver Maple
Kangaroo Paws, Red

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Snow In Summer

Common name: Snow In Summer
Botanical name: Cerastium tomentosum

Masses of snow white flowers highlight this plant during the early summer season. This attractive ground cover is a great filler among other plants and rocks. Foliage is silver gray or gray/green and is woolly. This plant tolerates coastal conditions and desert areas. Use in rock settings, in hanging baskets, containers, or as a lawn substitute. Cut back in fall to refresh plant.

Kangaroo Paw 'Yellow'

Common name: Kangaroo Paw 'Yellow'
Botanical name: Anigozanthos 'Yellow'

This herbaceous perennial can reach 4'-6' tall and 2'-3' wide. Kangaroo Paw has strap-like leaves and fuzzy tubular-shaped, yellow flowers that bloom in spring and fade as summer progresses. They can be used for cut or dried flowers. The flowers have nectar which attract hummingbirds. Kangaroo Paw does well in full sun and looks great in borders, mass plantings, and in pots. It can do well in drought tolerant conditions. It prefers sandy soil and deep, infrequent watering.

Sea Lavender

Common name: Sea Lavender
Botanical name: Limonium perezii

This mounding shrub will reach about 3' high and has large, dark green leaves with small blue and purple flowers that bloom in spring and summer. Very hardy and outstanding perennial for water wise gardens. Tall clusters of tiny, deep mauve flowers are produced throughout much of the year. Ornamental foliage is evergreen and forms an attractive, rounded mound.Can be mass planted for low maintenance areas or low, edging borders.

European White Birch

Common name: European White Birch
Botanical name: Betula pendula

This medium-size weeping tree will grow to about 40' tall and has a whitish/brown bark with deciduous green leaves. Additional Names: Betula verrucosa, White Birch

White Spruce

Common name: White Spruce
Botanical name: Picea glauca

Picea glauca is an evergreen tree or shrub. It is a cone-shaped tree to 60'-70' tall. It is dense when young, with pendulous twigs and silver green foilage. This is a highly combustible plant.

Silver Maple

Common name: Silver Maple
Botanical name: Acer saccharinum

This fast-growing tree can reach heights of 40-80' and spread half the height. Deciduous leaves are lobed, 6" across, light green on top and silvery on bottom.The fall color is considered not significant. Before leafing out in spring, clusters of green/yellow flowers appear. Bark is gray colored and starts to exfoliate with age. Tree leaks sap. With an aggressive root system, this tree can be hard on sidewalks and sewers. It is, however, one of the best trees for poor soils where few other trees will grow. Branches break easily in wind.

Kangaroo Paws, Red

Common name: Kangaroo Paws, Red
Botanical name: Anigozanthos hybrids

This tender perennial is a clump-forming evergreen that produces fuzzy, tubular flowers that bloom from spring through fall. Many sizes and varieties are available including yellow, pink, or red flowers. This plant does best in full sun with well draining, sandy soil. It tolerates coastal areas as well as warm inland valleys. It needs regular watering. Flowers attract hummingbirds.