• Flax Entry
  • Japanese Gate Entry
  • Steps Capped in Stone
  • Casual Look Entry, Designed by P. Jacobs/M. Gates
  • Gazania Glory
  • Mediterranean Garden1, Designed by Saucy Design
  • Shaded Pathway, Designed by Connie Lefkowits
  • Stairway Second Look, Designed by Yannis Landscaping
  • Stairway Entrance, Designed by Yannis Landscaping
  • Brick Outlines, Designed by Alison Fleck
  • Garden of the Week Thirteen 21, Designed by Randy Purnell Landscape Archit
  • Garden of the Week Fifteen 3, Designed by Laima
  • Garden of the Week Twentyeight 12, Designed by Unknown
  • Garden of the Week Thirtytwo 18, Designed by Unknown
  • Garden of the Week Fortyone 4, Designed by Homeowner
  • Garden of the Week Fortyfive 5, Designed by Yannis Landscaping
  • Garden of the Week Fifty 2, Designed by Stephanie Blanc
  • Garden of the Week Six 10, Designed by Dan Berger
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Purple Lilac Vine
Radiance Flax

Garden Ideas: Entries

Photographer: GardenSoft
Purple Lilac Vine

Common name: Purple Lilac Vine
Botanical name: Hardenbergia violacea

Hardenbergia violacea rosea an evergreen, shrubby vine. Leaves are usually undivided, 2"-4" long. Flowers are lilac or rose and look like sweet peas, blooming spring through summer. Flower color depends on the cultivar. It can quickly reach 6' tall and will climb over nearby plants. Looks great on trellises or arbors. It tolerates full and part sun, preferring well draining, moist soil. Needs regular watering.

Radiance Flax

Common name: Radiance Flax
Botanical name: Phormium 'Radiance'

Phormium 'Radiance' is an evergreen perennial. It is a 6'-8' tall, dramatic plant composed of many swordlike, stiffly vertical leaves in a fan pattern. The leaves are variegated yellow and green.