Japanese Black Pine
Blue Rug Ground Cover Juniper

Japanese Black Pine

Common name: Japanese Black Pine
Botanical name: Pinus thunbergii

This variety of Pine is both rigid and twisted, with needles of 3"-4". It has an irregular shape, and the short, contorted branches produce a canopy shaped tree. The buds are white, and the cones are egg -shaped and without prickles. Pines are highly combustible plants.

Blue Rug Ground Cover Juniper

Common name: Blue Rug Ground Cover Juniper
Botanical name: Juniperus horizontalis 'Wiltonii'

This prostrate ground cover is valued for its silver, blue-green foliage which remains a constant blue color through winter. It is useful on slopes and when draped over walls. It quickly spreads 6'-8' wide, only reaching 6" tall. It prefers full sun and is cold tolerant. This conifer is great for erosion control and looks great in rock gardens. It needs occasional watering once it's established.