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Gallery Hillside
Lemon Bottlebrush
Spike Gayfeather, Blazing Star
California Pepper
Mexican Feather Grass

Garden Ideas: Hillsides

Photographer: GardenSoft
Lemon Bottlebrush

Common name: Lemon Bottlebrush
Botanical name: Callistemon citrinus

A large evergreen shrub, the Lemon Bottlebrush bears masses of bright red flowers in the spring and summer that are shaped, as the name implies, like a 'bottle brush.' New foliage grows in a bright, bronzy red. This shrub can reach 25' tall and wide but can be pruned to desirable size. Leaves are aromatic and round. Flowers attract hummingbirds and also created litter. This plant tolerates full to part sun and is drought tolerant once it's established. It is versatile as it can be espaliered, used as a street tree, or privacy hedge. Some people are allergic to the pollen.

Spike Gayfeather, Blazing Star

Common name: Spike Gayfeather, Blazing Star
Botanical name: Liatris spicata

This plant will be the center of attention from mid to late summer with 3'-5' stalks of bright, rosy lavender blooms. The bloom stalks rise above a thick grass-like clump of foliage. The tight clusters of flowers make it a long-lasting cut flower and perfect for drying. It prefers moist, fertile soil and full sun, but can also be grown in poor, drier soil where the plant appears stockier but nonetheless blooms beautifully. -Holland WIldflower Farm

California Pepper

Common name: California Pepper
Botanical name: Schinus molle

The California Pepper is a fast growing evergreen tree that will mature to a height of 25'-40' and as wide. Its bright green leaves are divided into many narrow, 1.5"-2" long leaflets. Additional Common Name: Mission Pepper

Mexican Feather Grass

Common name: Mexican Feather Grass
Botanical name: Nassella tenuissima

The Mexican Fan Grass is a beautiful, fine, airy grass that is emerald green in color. It has many soft yellow-beige flower stalks in the spring. This grass grows 10"-12" tall , 1'-2' wide, and is drought tolerant. It is a very aggressive reseeder and once it takes off in the garden it is hard to stop. Invasive.