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C1 Saddleback
Chinese Flame Tree
Hybrid Gazanias

Garden Tours: Saddleback Beauty

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Chinese Flame Tree

Common name: Chinese Flame Tree
Botanical name: Koelreuteria bipinnata

This beautiful tree slowly reaches 20'-30' tall and slightly wider, with a spreading habit. Fragrant yellow flowers bloom in summer, followed by pink colored seed capsules. Green foliage turns yellow in fall before dropping leaves. Chinese Flame Tree prefers full sun and moderate amount of watering, more in hot summer months. This is a great street tree as roots are not invasive.

Hybrid Gazanias

Common name: Hybrid Gazanias
Botanical name: Gazania hybrids

These ground covers will grow less than 1' tall and spread about 1'. They have medium size, gray green leaves with gold, lavender, orange, red, yellow, or white daisy-like flowers that are present all year in many areas. In other areas, flowers bloom in summer and fall. These ground covers do well in full or part sun with well draining soil. They tolerate salt spray, sandy, dry, poor soil. It can be grown in desert areas but will need extra summer water. Some varieties are trailing types which can be planted on hillsides or put in large containers.