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California Poppy
White Sage
Concha California Lilac
Salal, Lemon Leaves
Coast Sunflower, Coast Encelia
Designer: Dave Buchanan

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Photographer: GardenSoft
California Poppy

Common name: California Poppy
Botanical name: Eschscholzia californica

The California State Flower. This small annual (sometimes acts as a perennial) plant will grow to less than 1' tall and has light, small blue green leaves with gold and orange flowers that bloom in spring and summer. It is an aggressive grower and can get away from you in a residential garden space. Plant it in spaces where it is alright for it to roam.

White Sage

Common name: White Sage
Botanical name: Salvia apiana

This woody shrub has long stiff stems with gray green, wrinkled evergreen leaves when juvenile, changing to smooth and white with time. Fragrant white flowers bloom in the spring, attracting bees. Prune after bloom time to shape shrub. It provides a strong structural form as a garden focal point. It can reach 6' tall and wide; and is considered slow growing. Plant in full sun with well draining soil. Established plants need very little summer water. Leaves have been used for herbal teas and for medicinal purposes.

Concha California Lilac

Common name: Concha California Lilac
Botanical name: Ceanothus 'Concha'

Concha is a lilac that grows 6'-8' in height and width. It has small narrow, glossy, dark green leaves with intense dark blue flower clusters in spring. It is tolerant of coastal and inland conditions. Most ceanothus varieties do not tolerate a lot of summer irrigation but this cultivar does. It also tolerates clay and alkali soil better than other varieties. It is hard frost tolerant.

Salal, Lemon Leaves

Common name: Salal, Lemon Leaves
Botanical name: Gaultheria shallon

Salal is an evergreen shrub bearing pinkish flowers in spring, attracting hummingbirds. Round, dark purple berries are edible to bears and people. Given full sun and poor, dry soil, it grows to 2' tall. When planted in shaded areas with rich soil, it will grow to 4'-10' tall. It is found as the understory for trees and evergreen shrubs in the Pacific Northwest. This plant is a California native. Leaves are used in the floral industry. Leaves are dark green, pointed, leathery and finely toothed. Found on coastal bluffs and hillsides.

Coast Sunflower, Coast Encelia

Common name: Coast Sunflower, Coast Encelia
Botanical name: Encelia californica

Encelia californica is a fast growing, woody shrub with bright green foliage and yellow daisy-type flowers that bloom from spring through summer. It can be used effectively in just about any landscape with regular or occasional pruning to maintain form. In inland situations, it requires more regular water during summer to look better. It grows to 3'-5' tall and wide. This plant attracts bees and butterflies in abundance. It does best in coastal areas from which it is native. It is a short lived plant but makes up for its shorter life with more color than most plants.