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NC H5 Garden
Flannel Bush, Fremontia cv.
Ground Cover Myoporum
Helene Strybing Manuka Tea Tree
Provence Blue Lavandin
White Blossom Ceanothus
Green Lavender Cotton
Yellow Bush Spurge
French Lavender
Bowles Mauve Wallflower

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Flannel Bush, Fremontia cv.

Common name: Flannel Bush, Fremontia cv.
Botanical name: Fremontodendron 'California Glory'

'California Glory' is an open and spreading evergreen shrub 20' in height and width. This shrub is covered in yellow flowers in spring. It needs good drainage and little summer water in full sun. It is a native plant to California as the name suggests and it is drought tolerant. Leaves are grayish green and fuzzy; fuzzy stuff may be irritating to skin so make sure you wear gloves when pruning. This shrub does best in sandy soil. This plant needs very little watering after it's established.

Ground Cover Myoporum

Common name: Ground Cover Myoporum
Botanical name: Myoporum parvifolium

This great groundcover will grow 9" high and 9' wide and does well in partial or full sun with moderate watering. It produces delicate white flowers that bloom in summer and are surrounded by tiny, bright green leaves.

Helene Strybing Manuka Tea Tree

Common name: Helene Strybing Manuka Tea Tree
Botanical name: Leptospermum scoparium 'Helene Strybing'

Helene Strybing Manuka Tea Tree has small, needle-like green leaves with showy, 1/2" rose-like flowers in winter and spring. These shrubs can be thinned to enhance their attractive branch structure and flaking bark. They need very little water once established. 'Helene Strybing' grows 6'-10' tall by 5'-8' wide. It has an open structure with deep pink blooms.

Provence Blue Lavandin

Common name: Provence Blue Lavandin
Botanical name: Lavandula X int. 'Provence'

With tall 24"-30" stems, 'Provence' has true, lavender colored flowers that are fragrant and excellent for cutting. It flowers in early June and has large, gray green leaves. A hybrid between L. angustifolia & L. latifolia, both of which are strong plants tolerant of warm summers,and are known for their very intense scent. ‘Provence’ grows fast to 3’ tall ; wide & can be used as a short aromatic hedge. It takes well to pruning when young & blooms profusely in the mid-late Summer. Though not suitable for oil production, the light blue flowers make excellent dry flowers for sachets ; are also used in cooking and wine production. Pick before the flowers are fully open for best results or leave them to be enjoyed by bees and butterflies. Shear for best appearance when the blooms are spent. Lives about 5-6 years.

White Blossom Ceanothus

Common name: White Blossom Ceanothus
Botanical name: Ceanothus thyrsiflorus 'Snow Flurry'

This large shrub or small tree quickly reaches 10' tall and 12' wide. It has shiny green, glossy, 2" long leaves and profuse large, white flower clusters in spring. This plant tolerates full sun in coastal areas but will need afternoon shade in warm, inland valleys but will need extra summer watering. This shrub tolerates clay and sandy soil but does best in coastal places.

Green Lavender Cotton

Common name: Green Lavender Cotton
Botanical name: Santolina rosmarinifolia

Santolina is an amazingly tough plant with small, yellow, button-sized flowers that cover the 3' tall and 3' wide shrub in the summer months. The green leaves are very thin and needle like. This plant requires absolutely no care in most environments once established. Too much water will lead to mortality. Best grown in well drained soils.

Yellow Bush Spurge

Common name: Yellow Bush Spurge
Botanical name: Euphorbia characias wulfenii

Broad clusters of lime green flowers appear in winter and spring. These flowers create dense, round cylindrical masses! This evergreen perennial has upright stems forming a 4' tall dome-shaped bush. Crowded all along the stems are narrow, blue-green leaves. Once it's established, it is drought tolerant. Until the seeds ripen, the flower color holds with only slight fading. At that point, the stalks should be cut out at the base. Use gloves as sap is poisonous or could cause contact dermatitis.

French Lavender

Common name: French Lavender
Botanical name: Lavandula dentata

This lavender has green leaves and will grow 3' tall and 5' wide. It has lavender flowers that are prominent in the spring and summer months. Additional Common Name: Toothed Lavender

Bowles Mauve Wallflower

Common name: Bowles Mauve Wallflower
Botanical name: Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve'

This shrubby evergreen perennial reaches a size of 3' tall and 6' wide with narrow, dark foliage and a dense habit. Its flowers always emerge as mauve purple, and are produced on 4' tall stalks. It blooms throughout warm months but can bloom continuously in mild climates. It should receive sun to part shade, with little or no summer watering. It is hardy to frost.