• Bank of Green, Designed by Peggy Hinman
  • Agapanthus Border, Designed by Peggy Hinman
  • Elegant Patio Cover, Designed by Peggy Hinman
  • Patio and Pillows, Designed by Peggy Hinman
  • Entry to Study, Designed by Peggy Hinman
  • Teak Table and Chairs Patio, Designed by Peggy Hinman
  • Shrub Border Detail Hinman, Designed by Peggy Hinman
  • Poolside Reflection, Designed by Peggy Hinman
  • The Fountain Path, Designed by Peggy Hinman
  • Maple in the Corner, Designed by Peggy Hinman
  • Trip to the Back Gate, Designed by Peggy Hinman
  • Back Patio Walk 2
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Peggy Hinman
Mosquito Grass
Japanese Maple
Hybrid Tea Rose (selections)
George Lindley Taber Azalea
Designer: Peggy Hinman

Garden Tours: Landscape Elegance Los Altos

Photographer: GardenSoft
Mosquito Grass

Common name: Mosquito Grass
Botanical name: Bouteloua gracilis

Bouteloua gracilis is a small mat forming grass with eyelash-shaped, yellow flowers that bloom in summer. Can be used as a lawn substitute or individually as a clumping grass. It can reach 2' tall and wide. It does best in full or part sun with well draining soil. Birds and insects are attracted to this California native grass. Seed heads look like small waving pennants.

Japanese Maple

Common name: Japanese Maple
Botanical name: Acer palmatum

This magnificient plant can used as a small tree or shrub. It is deciduous with graceful leaves which have a scarlet color in spring as it leafs out. Leaves later turn orange or yellow in fall. It is slow growing to 20', and requires shelter from the hot sun. The leaves of this tree are small, light green in color, and deeply lobed. It should also be noted that this tree remains spectacular throughout all seasons.

Hybrid Tea Rose (selections)

Common name: Hybrid Tea Rose (selections)
Botanical name: Rosa Hybrid Tea varieties

These shrubs and vines are the most loved in the Western USA and are very resilient. They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes, from 2'-6' tall. Tea roses are the classical look types that have tall thin vertical stems, with a single flower at the end of the stem. Buds usually spiral open during spring and even into fall if weather is still frost free. Tea roses prefer full sun, well draining, rich soil, with ample watering. Plant foliage at the base of the plants to cover canes.

George Lindley Taber Azalea

Common name: George Lindley Taber Azalea
Botanical name: Azalea 'George Lindley Taber'

This Azalea has a round growth habit, reaching 6'-8' tall and 4'-6 wide. It produces white flowers that flush to a strong purplish/pink color in spring. 'Georg Lindley Taber' does best in full to part sun with well draining, acidic, moist, rich soil. Protect from hot drying winds. It needs regular watering and more during hot spells. Leaves are dark green and evergreen.