• Japanese Style Basin
  • Wall Water Feature San Luis Obispo, Designed by Jeffrey Gordon Smith
  • Stone Tower Water Feature, Designed by Gabriel Frank
  • Red Urn Flowing
  • Urn Inside Bowl
  • The Sound of Water, Designed by Connie Lefkowitz
  • Peaceful Basin Fountain
  • Bubbling Urn, Designed by Alrie Middlebrook
  • Back Yard Three Tier Water Feature, Designed by Connie Lefkowitz
  • Zen Water Feature
  • Garden of the Week Eleven 13, Designed by Maria Hasenecz
  • Garden of the Week Twelve 5, Designed by Susanne Jett
  • Coiled Water Features, Designed by Marsha Pouget
  • Garden of the Week Thirteen 16, Designed by Randy Purnell Landscape Archit
  • Garden of the Week Sixteen 3, Designed by Wynne Wilson
  • Garden of the Week Nineteen WC 6, Designed by Ward and Child
  • Garden of the Week Forthythree 12, Designed by Shari Collins
  • Garden of the Week Eight 1, Designed by Anon
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Gallery Water Features
Japanese Maple
Southern Sword Fern
Golden Bamboo, Fish Pole Bamboo

Garden Ideas: Water Features

Photographer: GardenSoft
Japanese Maple

Common name: Japanese Maple
Botanical name: Acer palmatum

This magnificient plant can used as a small tree or shrub. It is deciduous with graceful leaves which have a scarlet color in spring as it leafs out. Leaves later turn orange or yellow in fall. It is slow growing to 20', and requires shelter from the hot sun. The leaves of this tree are small, light green in color, and deeply lobed. It should also be noted that this tree remains spectacular throughout all seasons.

Southern Sword Fern

Common name: Southern Sword Fern
Botanical name: Nephrolepis cordifolia

Nephrolepis cordifolia is tough and easy to grow. This fern has bright green, narrow, upright fronds in tufts to 2'-3' tall. Fronds have closely spaced, finely toothed leaflets.

Golden Bamboo, Fish Pole Bamboo

Common name: Golden Bamboo, Fish Pole Bamboo
Botanical name: Phyllostachys aurea

This Bamboo will grow to about 25' tall and is drought tolerant with dense foliage. This running bamboo needs to be restricted or confined.