• Gate and Decor
  • Large Door Gate
  • Ornamental Fence, Designed by Landscapes West
  • Vineyard Gate
  • Privacy in the Back Yard
  • Arches and Circle
  • Asian Influence Gate
  • Fence On Top of Wall
  • Squares in the Gate
  • Patterned Door, Designed by Amelia Lima Design
  • Whimsical Look, Designed by Quail Botanical Gardens
  • Top-heavy Gated Entrance
  • Garden of the Week One 14, Designed by Peggy Hinman
  • Garden of the Week Nineteen WC 23, Designed by Ward and Child
  • Garden of the Week Twentynine 11, Designed by Four Dimensions Landscape
  • Garden of the Week Thirtysix 8, Designed by Amelia Lima
  • Garden of the Week Fortyone 7, Designed by Homeowner
  • Garden of the Week Nine 11, Designed by Anon
  • Garden of the Week Nine 14, Designed by Anon
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Wild Mock Orange

Garden Ideas: Gates

Photographer: GardenSoft
Wild Mock Orange

Common name: Wild Mock Orange
Botanical name: Philadelphus lewisii

Lewis Mock Orange is a broad rounded to upright shrub. Numerous dense racemes of 1"-1 1/4" pure white flowers appear in early summer. Flowers have a subtle, sweet fragrance. It was discovered by Meriwether Lewis and named in his honor. It needs full sunlight. It is native to the western part of the U.S. -Fort Collins Nursery