Dwarf Mugo Pine
Thundercloud Plum
Tussock Bellflower

Dwarf Mugo Pine

Common name: Dwarf Mugo Pine
Botanical name: Pinus mugo mugo

Pinus mugo is an evergreen tree or shrub that grows slowly. Needles are 2" long, dark green, stout, and crowded. Cones are 1"-2" long, oval, and tawny to dark brown. It is generally a bushy, twisted, somewhat open pine. Pines are highly combustible plants.

Thundercloud Plum

Common name: Thundercloud Plum
Botanical name: Prunus cerasifera 'Thundercloud'

This deciduous tree grows to 25' tall with a 20' spread. The single flowers are light pink, blooming in spring. 'Thundercloud' has a dense, round form, which is great for small front and back yards. It has deep purple foliage until it changes to bronze in the fall.

Tussock Bellflower

Common name: Tussock Bellflower
Botanical name: Campanula carpatica

This low-growing, reliable perennial can be used in the rock garden or front border. Its flowers are clear blue on 6-10" tall plants, blooming from June through September. The variety is easy to grow in sun or light shade. Mulch to keep the roots cool.