Mondo Grass, Lily Grass
Wheeler's Dwarf Pittosporum

Mondo Grass, Lily Grass

Common name: Mondo Grass, Lily Grass
Botanical name: Ophiopogon japonicus

This Ophiopogon japonicus is a grass-like plant growing to about 6"-8" high, slowly spreading through underground stems. Its dark green leaves are 1/8" wide, and about 8"-12" long. It makes a beautiful ground cover or accent plant, and does well in Asian style gardens. Flowers and fruit are insignificant.

Wheeler's Dwarf Pittosporum

Common name: Wheeler's Dwarf Pittosporum
Botanical name: Pittosporum tobira 'Wheeler's Dwarf'

This handsome dwarf form of the Pittosporum tobira grows into a low, dense mound, 2'-3' tall and 4'-5' wide. This shrub is covered with glossy, evergreen foliage. Small, fragrant, white flowers cover this shrub in spring. It prefers full to part sun and is drought tolerant once its established. Give extra water in summer. Wheeler's Dwarf is dependable and easy to grow. Prune in winter to keep shape.