Mexican Feather Grass
Yellow Moraea, Fortnight Lily

Mexican Feather Grass

Common name: Mexican Feather Grass
Botanical name: Nassella tenuissima

The Mexican Fan Grass is a beautiful, fine, airy grass that is emerald green in color. It has many soft yellow-beige flower stalks in the spring. This grass grows 10"-12" tall , 1'-2' wide, and is drought tolerant. It is a very aggressive reseeder and once it takes off in the garden it is hard to stop. Invasive.

Yellow Moraea, Fortnight Lily

Common name: Yellow Moraea, Fortnight Lily
Botanical name: Dietes bicolor

This clumping perennial Iris relative stands 3'-4' high and 3' wide. It has light yellow, iris-like flowers with maroon blotches that are about 2" wide. It performs best in full sun in coastal areas and appreciates afternoon shade or complete light shade in warm, inland areas. It does best with regular watering and well draining soil. Flowers only bloom one day but another one will bloom the following day, blooming from spring through fall. Foliage is evergreen, long, thin and sword-like.