Yellow Wave Flax
New Zealand Flax, Purple
Copthorne Geranium

Yellow Wave Flax

Common name: Yellow Wave Flax
Botanical name: Phormium 'Yellow Wave'

This evergreen perennial is 3' high with arching, yellow green variegated foliage.

New Zealand Flax, Purple

Common name: New Zealand Flax, Purple
Botanical name: Phormium tenax 'Atropurpureum'

Phormium tenax 'Atropurpureum' is an evergreen perennial. Big, dramatic plant composed of many swordlike, stiffly vertical leaves can reach 5' tall. Leaves are purple red. Flowers stems reach high above leaves, bearing clusters of 1"-2" blossoms in dark red.

Copthorne Geranium

Common name: Copthorne Geranium
Botanical name: Pelargonium 'Copthorne'

Unique Pelargonium ‘Copthorne’: A large, shrubby pelargonium growing rapidly to 3’ tall and wide. Broad green leaves and lavender flowers almost all year long. It performs best with a light feeding in spring and a severe pruning in fall (new growth quickly fills in and restarts the bloom cycle). Like many Unique Pelargoniums, it needs a well-drained location where it can flourish on very little water. ‘Copthorne’ prefers light shade inland.