Sago palm
Chinese Wisteria

Sago palm

Common name: Sago palm
Botanical name: Cycas revoluta

Sago palm resembles small palms; it is evergreen. It can slowly grow to 10' tall so consider the space around it when planting it. It is used for a tropical effect and also looks great in planters. In the low desert, light shade and additional moisture are best. It does best with well draining soil. Side sprouts can form multi-trunked individuals. Apply fertilizer at leaf expansion. This plant has few pests. The leaves and seeds are poisonous to animals. Sago palm is also used for bonsai. Established plants need little water and care.

Chinese Wisteria

Common name: Chinese Wisteria
Botanical name: Wisteria sinensis

This deciduous vine can quickly and aggressively reach 30' and wide, depending on conditions. It bears rounded clusters of strongly fragrant flowers which open more or less all at once. Cultivars have blue, pink, white, purple or lavender colors, attracting hummingbirds in spring, followed by leafing out of foliage which are usually leaflets, followed by velvety, long, drooping pods. This vine can tolerate full sun to part shade, preferring well draining, rich, moist soil. But it is very reliable and can take drought conditions if established. It looks great in containers and even as a bonsai specimen.