Chinese Wisteria
Swan Hill Fruitless Olive
Powis Castle Artemisia

Chinese Wisteria

Common name: Chinese Wisteria
Botanical name: Wisteria sinensis

This deciduous vine can quickly and aggressively reach 30' and wide, depending on conditions. It bears rounded clusters of strongly fragrant flowers which open more or less all at once. Cultivars have blue, pink, white, purple or lavender colors, attracting hummingbirds in spring, followed by leafing out of foliage which are usually leaflets, followed by velvety, long, drooping pods. This vine can tolerate full sun to part shade, preferring well draining, rich, moist soil. But it is very reliable and can take drought conditions if established. It looks great in containers and even as a bonsai specimen.

Swan Hill Fruitless Olive

Common name: Swan Hill Fruitless Olive
Botanical name: Olea europaea 'Swan Hill'

Swan Hill Olive has attractive foliage and form is enhanced by its absence of fruit, and makes its use in entryways and other high foot-traffic areas a plus. It stand about 25'-30' high at maturity and about as wide.

Powis Castle Artemisia

Common name: Powis Castle Artemisia
Botanical name: Artemisia 'Powis Castle'

This mounding shrub reaches 3 ft. high and up to 5ft. wide with fine silver foliage. It does well in coastal areas as well as inland warm areas. It rarely blooms but is used for its beautiful foliage. It is striking next to perennials with bright colors. This shrub prefers full sun and well draining soil. It is drought tolerant once it's established.