Ivy Geranium
Tom Thumb Dwarf Flax

Ivy Geranium

Common name: Ivy Geranium
Botanical name: Pelargonium peltatum

Clouds of single flowers are produced from spring through fall on This perennial, which should be planted in areas that receive protection from afternoon sun in warm inland areas. Ivy geranium reaches 2' tall and spreads to 3' wide. Leaves are shaped like ivy leaves, thus its common name. Flowers bloom from spring through fall in pink, white, red or violet. It looks great in containers as it spills over. Deadhead to encourage more blooming and keep plant bushy.

Tom Thumb Dwarf Flax

Common name: Tom Thumb Dwarf Flax
Botanical name: Phormium 'Tom Thumb'

Tom Thumb Flax is an excellent accent plant for the garden. Evergreen leaves are long, narrow, and grow upright. Clusters of flowers grow on spikes above the foliage in late spring and summer. 'Tom Thumb' is the greenest variety, with very narrow, red bronze edges on the leaves. Leaves are small, and plant grows to 18" tall.