Bronze Loquat
Royal Trumpet Vine, River's Trumpet

Bronze Loquat

Common name: Bronze Loquat
Botanical name: Eriobotrya deflexa

A small, evergreen tree with large leaves that are reddish bronze and turn green as they mature, this loquat is highlighted by clusters of small, white, fragrant flowers that are borne in the spring on branch tips.

Royal Trumpet Vine, River's Trumpet

Common name: Royal Trumpet Vine, River's Trumpet
Botanical name: Distictis 'Rivers'

The Royal Trumpet Vine is a very vigorous vine, climbing to 30' tall and wide. Rosy lavender flowers bloom in spring and summer. These blooms have yellow throats and fade to pink as they age. Its foliage is lighter green and glossier than the Blood Red Trumpet Vine, its closest relative, are leathery and have tendrils for climbing. The vine does best in full to part sun with regular watering and more during the summer. Flowers attract hummingbirds.