• Many Steps to Entry1, Designed by Huettl-Thuilot Associates
  • Fluff and Pastel Garden, Designed by Huettl-Thuilot Associates
  • Hilly Front Entry, Designed by Huettl-Thuilot Associates
  • Garden By the Garage, Designed by Huettl-Thuilot Associates
  • Formal Hedge and Informal Grasses, Designed by Huettl-Thuilot Associates
  • Buff-colored Background, Designed by Huettl-Thuilot Associates
  • Lion-mane Hillside, Designed by Huettl-Thuilot Associates
  • Grass Explosion in Pot, Designed by Huettl-Thuilot Associates
  • Shaded Walkway, Designed by Huettl-Thuilot Associates
  • Hillside Wonder, Designed by Huettl-Thuilot Associates
  • Peaceful Hillside1, Designed by Huettl-Thuilot Associates
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European White Birch
Grosso Long Stemmed Lavender
French Lavender
Crape Myrtle
Designer: Huettl-Thuilot Associates

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Photographer: GardenSoft
European White Birch

Common name: European White Birch
Botanical name: Betula pendula

This medium-size weeping tree will grow to about 40' tall and has a whitish/brown bark with deciduous green leaves. Additional Names: Betula verrucosa, White Birch


Common name: Rosemary
Botanical name: Rosmarinus officinalis

Rosemary is hardy in full sun areas where winter temperatures do not drop below 10 degrees F. Rosemary is evergreen and makes a great aromatic hedge, 4'-6' tall and 2' wide. Foliage is used in cooking. Blue flowers appear in summer. This plant is drought tolerant once it's established. Bees love Rosemary!

Grosso Long Stemmed Lavender

Common name: Grosso Long Stemmed Lavender
Botanical name: Lavandula X intermedia 'Grosso'

Long Stemmed Lavender has beautiful lavender colored plumes in the summer, reaching 3' tall and wide. Fragrance from blooms attract bees. Dried flowers used for sachets, oils, medicinal and culinary uses. Foliage is gray green and thin. This perennial has "fatter" flower spikes than other lavenders. It prefers full sun in well draining soil with low fertilizer. Does not tolerate frost or humidity.

French Lavender

Common name: French Lavender
Botanical name: Lavandula dentata

This lavender has green leaves and will grow 3' tall and 5' wide. It has lavender flowers that are prominent in the spring and summer months. Additional Common Name: Toothed Lavender

Crape Myrtle

Common name: Crape Myrtle
Botanical name: Lagerstroemia indica

The new leaves of this species are 2" long, bright green, and tinged with bronze. Some cultivars have spectacular fall color. When it has a bare outline, its rounded seed capsules add interest. Its delicate flowers bloom in 6"-12" long clusters. The flower colors could be shades of red, rose, pink, purple, and white, blooming in summer. It thrives on heat, and new cultivars have been created that resist mildew. This tree prefers full sun and has low watering needs once it's established.