• Softly Falling Water, Designed by Connie Lefkowitz
  • Lunch Break, Designed by Connie Lefkowits
  • Back Corner Patio, Designed by Connie Lefkowitz
  • Serenity in the Back Yard Garden, Designed by Connie Lefkowitz
  • Flagstone Patio Detail, Designed by Connie Lefkowits
  • Back Yard Patio with Flagstone, Designed by Connie Lefkowitz
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New Zealand Flax
Hybrid Tea Rose (selections)
Evergreen Candytuft
White Bacopa
Designer: Connie Lefkowitz

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Photographer: GardenSoft
New Zealand Flax

Common name: New Zealand Flax
Botanical name: Phormium tenax

New Zealand Flax is a large, bold plant with stiffly vertical, sword-like, green leaves that arise from its base. It should be grown under full sun for best color. Varieties will offer different growth habits and leaf color.

Hybrid Tea Rose (selections)

Common name: Hybrid Tea Rose (selections)
Botanical name: Rosa Hybrid Tea varieties

These shrubs and vines are the most loved in the Western USA and are very resilient. They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes, from 2'-6' tall. Tea roses are the classical look types that have tall thin vertical stems, with a single flower at the end of the stem. Buds usually spiral open during spring and even into fall if weather is still frost free. Tea roses prefer full sun, well draining, rich soil, with ample watering. Plant foliage at the base of the plants to cover canes.

Evergreen Candytuft

Common name: Evergreen Candytuft
Botanical name: Iberis sempervirens

This Evergreen Candytuft is a compact plant that grows 12" tall and 18" wide. Its leaves are dark green, leathery and narrow. In the early spring, it exhibits clusters of pure white flowers that are borne at branch ends. This lovely perennial will have more blooms if planted in full sun but will tolerate part shade. It does best in well draining soil. Mature plants can become drought tolerant. Mulch plant well if located in cold winter climates. Plant does poorly if soil is constantly wet. May be prone to mold and mildew, slugs and snails. Looks great in containers and with rocks.

White Bacopa

Common name: White Bacopa
Botanical name: Sutera cordata

White Bacopa is a prostrate ground cover with white flowers. It reaches 1' tall and spreads to 2' wide. This lovely plant blooms most of the year if given ample water (otherwise, flowers drop). Leaves are small, heart shaped, aromatic and heart shaped. Plant in full sun near coastal areas; provide afternoon shade or complete shade in warm inland areas. It does better in acid, rich soil that is well draining. This is a great plant for containers and hanging baskets.