• Mulched Garden, Designed by Sherri Osaka
  • View From The Street, Designed by Sherri Osaka
  • Curved Benches and Fountain, Designed by Sherri Osaka
  • Diamond-Shaped Pavers, Designed by Sherri Osaka
  • Close Up of Mulched Garden, Designed by Sherri Osaka
  • Gray-Green Look, Designed by Sherri Osaka
  • Curvy Wavy Bench, Designed by Sherri Osaka
  • Luscious and Lovely, Designed by Sherri Osaka
  • Curved Bench in Garden, Designed by Sherri Osaka
  • View of Garden from the Table, Designed by Sherri Osaka
  • Path Flanked With Color, Designed by Sherri Osaka
  • Tree Circled With Love, Designed by Sherri Osaka
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Tour 21 Osaka
New Zealand Flax, Purple
Snow In Summer
Lavender Lady English Lavender
Blue Bush Sage
Designer: Sherri Osaka

Garden Tours: Cool Comfort Garden

Photographer: GardenSoft
New Zealand Flax, Purple

Common name: New Zealand Flax, Purple
Botanical name: Phormium tenax 'Atropurpureum'

Phormium tenax 'Atropurpureum' is an evergreen perennial. Big, dramatic plant composed of many swordlike, stiffly vertical leaves can reach 5' tall. Leaves are purple red. Flowers stems reach high above leaves, bearing clusters of 1"-2" blossoms in dark red.

Snow In Summer

Common name: Snow In Summer
Botanical name: Cerastium tomentosum

Masses of snow white flowers highlight this plant during the early summer season. This attractive ground cover is a great filler among other plants and rocks. Foliage is silver gray or gray/green and is woolly. This plant tolerates coastal conditions and desert areas. Use in rock settings, in hanging baskets, containers, or as a lawn substitute. Cut back in fall to refresh plant.

Lavender Lady English Lavender

Common name: Lavender Lady English Lavender
Botanical name: Lavandula angustifolia 'Lavender Lady'

A well-developed woody base is apparent with this evergreen perennial reaching 1.5' tall and wide. Its leaves have a gray green color above and are aromatic. It needs little water when established, full sun, and well drained soils. During summer, dark purple, fragrant flower spikes appear, attracting butterflies. Dried leaves and flowers can be used for tea or making potpourri. This plant is frost tolerant.

Blue Bush Sage

Common name: Blue Bush Sage
Botanical name: Salvia cle. 'Allen Chickering'

'Allen Chickering' is a perennial, California native shrub that grows 4' high and wide. Whorls of lavender flowers rise above the foliage in spring and summer on 2' tall stalks. Leaves are gray green and fragrant. This shrub does best in full sun, well draining soil and little watering during the summer. Hummingbirds, bees and butterflies love this plant!