• Comfy Seats in the Patio
  • Sit for a Spell
  • Black and White Patio Furniture
  • Table and Chairs, Designed by Susan Stiltz
  • Talking Points Patio
  • Round Table Discussion, Designed by Owen Dell
  • Garden of the Week One 5, Designed by Peggy Hinman
  • Garden of the Week Fifteen 4, Designed by Laima
  • Garden of the Week Nineteen WC 25, Designed by Ward and Child
  • Garden of the Week Twentynine 6, Designed by Four Dimensions Landscape
  • Garden of the Week Thirtytwo 13, Designed by Unknown
  • Garden of the Week Thirtyfive 3, Designed by Connie Lefkowitz
  • Garden of the Week Forty 8, Designed by Linda Shotwell
  • Garden of the Week Fortyfive 9, Designed by Yannis Landscaping
  • Garden of the Week Fortyeight 10, Designed by Jeff Gamboni
  • Garden of the Week Fifty 22, Designed by Stephanie Blanc
  • Garden of the Week Fifty 37, Designed by Stephanie Blanc
  • Garden of the Week Seven 7, Designed by Debbie Brooks-Snyder
  • Garden of the Week Nine 17, Designed by Anon
  • Garden of the Week Nine 20, Designed by Anon
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White Gaura
Boston Ivy

Garden Ideas: Patios

Photographer: GardenSoft
White Gaura

Common name: White Gaura
Botanical name: Gaura lindheimeri

White Gaura is a profusely flowering perennial for all zones; it grows 2'-4' high and 2' wide. It has pink buds that open to showy white flowers in spring through fall. It needs full sun and does best in sandy or loamy soil that is well draining. Established plants are drought tolerant. Leaves are narrow, tiny and lance-shaped. Breezes cause flowers to move on stems, resembling butterflies flickering. Prune in spring to control height, if desired. Does best in hot and dry areas.

Boston Ivy

Common name: Boston Ivy
Botanical name: Parthenocissus tricuspidata

This semi-evergreen vine has dark green leaves that are usually lobed and divided into 3 leaflets. It clings tightly to any surface; it looks great on brick walls. In fall, leaves turn orange or red. Flowers are inconspicuous. During fall, small blue black berries appear to the delight of birds. This vine can grow 50'-60' long but it really depends on what it is growing on. This vine is aggressive.