• Stepping to the Gazebo
  • White Gazebo with Internal Benches, Designed by Mark Schroeder and Asso.
  • Dome Gazebo with Seats, Designed by Sam's Gazebos
  • Wood Finish Gazebo Sun Siding, Designed by Sam's Gazebos
  • Natural Wood Finish Gazebo, Designed by Sam's Gazebos
  • Storybook Cottage, Designed by Amelia Lima Design
  • Square French Gazebo, Designed by Sams Gazebos
  • Large White Octogon Gazebo, Designed by Sams Gazebos
  • Canvas Panels Gazebo
  • Green Hornet Gazebo, Designed by Sams Gazebos
  • Pyramid Gazebo, Designed by Sams Gazebos
  • Gazebo Retreat
  • San Ramon Redwood Gazebo
  • Magical
  • Metal Gazebo, Designed by Dan Mercado Landscaping
  • Garden of the Week Forthythree 5, Designed by Shari Collins
  • Garden of the Week Forthythree 15, Designed by Shari Collins
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Carob Tree
Variegated Tobira
Sprenger Asparagus
Southern Magnolia

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Carob Tree

Common name: Carob Tree
Botanical name: Ceratonia siliqua

This bushy, evergreen large tree can be trained as a hedge or as single stemmed tree. It can grow to 40' tall or be kept low as an informal hedge. During spring, red, fragrant flowers appear. Fragrance is considered unpleasant. Following bloom period, 3" long green pods appear changing to brown. These pods drop causing litter. Bark is dark brown and rough. Pods contain carob, which is edible. This is a hardy, long lived tree, tolerating smog and poor soil. It can be planted in coastal areas or in warm inland valleys.

Variegated Tobira

Common name: Variegated Tobira
Botanical name: Pittosporum tobira 'Variegata'

This variegated evergreen shrub or small tree has creamy margins on its gray green leaves. In spring, clusters of small, cream-colored flowers appear with the fragrance of orange blossoms. Variegated Tobira is often used to brighten shaded areas.


Common name: Petunia
Botanical name: Petunia X hybrida

This plant will grow to about 12" tall and wide. It has oval-shaped dark or light green, sticky leaves. Flowers are funnel-shaped and come in many colors such as cream, white, pink, purple, blue or even bi-color. Mostly grown as annual for great color border during the summer. This plant prefers full sun with well draining, rich soil.

Sprenger Asparagus

Common name: Sprenger Asparagus
Botanical name: Asparagus densiflorus 'Sprengeri'

This plant is given a soft, mound-like appearance by the long, arching branches that are found covered with small, bright green leaves. It is able to grow in either full sun or partial shade.

Southern Magnolia

Common name: Southern Magnolia
Botanical name: Magnolia grandiflora

Its large, simple, leathery appearance makes the pyramidal Magnolia grandiflora perfect for either a street or lawn tree. Its leaves are 4"-8" long, and its powerfully fragrant blooms are carried throughout the summer. Reddish brown cone shaped fruit appear in the fall. If these plants are grafted, they are more predictable (may take 15 years to bloom). Ungrafted trees will take only 2-3 years. Restricted root areas or heavy soils will slow the growth process.