• Horizontal Look Fence
  • Fence with Opening at Top
  • Glorious Redwood Fencing and Seats
  • Open Fencing
  • Peek-a-boo Fence
  • Traditional Fence Backside
  • Top-heavy Gated Entrance
  • Sing the Blues
  • Flowers Spill Over Pickets
  • Arches on Top of Fencing
  • Polished Split Rail Fence
  • Open Square Fence
  • Garden of the Week Thirteen 22, Designed by Randy Purnell Landscape Archit
  • Garden of the Week Twenty 14, Designed by Gabriel Frant
  • Garden of the Week Three 15, Designed by Rick Laughlin
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Common name: Rosemary
Botanical name: Rosmarinus officinalis

Rosemary is hardy in full sun areas where winter temperatures do not drop below 10 degrees F. Rosemary is evergreen and makes a great aromatic hedge, 4'-6' tall and 2' wide. Foliage is used in cooking. Blue flowers appear in summer. This plant is drought tolerant once it's established. Bees love Rosemary!