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Gallery Mediterranean
Coast Rosemary
Sea Lavender
Irene Rosemary
Pink Powder Puff
Rubrum New Zealand Flax
Fox Tail Agave
Pineapple Guava

Garden Ideas: Mediterranean Gardens

Photographer: GardenSoft
Coast Rosemary

Common name: Coast Rosemary
Botanical name: Westringia fruticosa

The Australian Rosemary is an evergreen shrub that grows 6' tall and 12' wide. It has soft, gray green leaves and white flowers throughout the year especially in frost free areas and prefers full sun. This shrub is also drought tolerant but will look better with occasional watering in spring and summer. This plant is great in coastal areas since it tolerates wind and salt spray.


Common name: Kleinia
Botanical name: Senecio mandraliscae

Kleinia is a spreading succulent and ground cover that grows to about 6" to 18" tall with florescent blue green foliage. The ice plant like leaves are long and slender.It is from South Africa and works well in Mediterranean gardens. It is good in most sun conditions and can take very little watering or regular garden watering making it very adaptable for garden design. It performs best with full sun and regular water. Once it is established it is very drought tolerant. It is easy to propagate as are many succulents. Any section of the plant broken off and dug into the soil will reroot.

Sea Lavender

Common name: Sea Lavender
Botanical name: Limonium perezii

This mounding shrub will reach about 3' high and has large, dark green leaves with small blue and purple flowers that bloom in spring and summer. Very hardy and outstanding perennial for water wise gardens. Tall clusters of tiny, deep mauve flowers are produced throughout much of the year. Ornamental foliage is evergreen and forms an attractive, rounded mound.Can be mass planted for low maintenance areas or low, edging borders.

Irene Rosemary

Common name: Irene Rosemary
Botanical name: Rosmarinus officinalis 'Irene'

This low mounding rosemary is an evergreen shrub will grow 2-3 ft. tall and 6-8' wide. It has small, dark green leaves with rich, lavender blue flowers that bloom all year.

Pink Powder Puff

Common name: Pink Powder Puff
Botanical name: Calliandra haematocephala

This evergreen shrub will grow 10' tall and wide. It produces puff-ball, red flowers that bloom in winter and spring. Foliage is evergreen, with copper colored new growth, changing to dark green. Pods appear after blooming period and will "explode" at times spewing seeds. It is a beautiful espalier plant. This shrub does best in full sun with well draining soil. It tolerates coastal as well as desert areas. Prune after bloom period. Low watering needs once it's established.

Rubrum New Zealand Flax

Common name: Rubrum New Zealand Flax
Botanical name: Phormium tenax 'Rubrum'

New Zealand Flax is an excellent accent plant for the garden. Evergreen leaves are long, narrow, and grow upright. Clusters of flowers grow on spikes above the foliage in late spring and summer. 'Rubrum' will reach 2'-3' tall and has beautiful maroon colored leaves.

Fox Tail Agave

Common name: Fox Tail Agave
Botanical name: Agave attenuata

This Agave has a dramatic tropical form. Even light frost can damage its succulent leaves. It is great for containers. In the low desert, partial sun will be best. If it becomes top heavy, simply cut and stick in the ground to root. It is not a fast grower and has light green foliage. It will also die after flowering but pups around the mother will survive. Distinctive with its large rosette of leaves perched on a long curving trunk, it is a native from Mexico. Also called: Velvet Agave

Pineapple Guava

Common name: Pineapple Guava
Botanical name: Feijoa sellowiana

Classified as an evergreen shrub or a small tree, this plant can be pruned to almost any size or shape. Its foliage is gray green and silvery underneath. White flowers with bright red stamens can be seen, followed by 1"-4" long, oval, edible fruit. Full sun is required for proper growth. Additional names: Acca sellowiana