• Dappled Shade, Designed by Greg Hebert Landscape Arch.
  • Recycled Concrete Pavers
  • Potpourri of Plants, Designed by P. Jacobs/M. Gates
  • Striking Garden
  • Rows of Lush Greenery
  • Groundcover Seeps into Road
  • Wide Path to Front Entry, Designed by Ann Breemer Designs
  • Smooth River Rock and Garden
  • Garden of the Week Eleven 3, Designed by Maria Hasenecz
  • Garden of the Week Fifteen 13, Designed by Laima
  • Garden of the Week Eighteen 1, Designed by Huettl-Thuilott Associates
  • Garden of the Week Nineteen WC 21, Designed by Ward and Child
  • Garden of the Week 8, Designed by The Plant Nerd
  • Garden of the Week Twentyseven 9, Designed by The Urban Gardener SLC
  • Garden of the Week Thirtysix 9, Designed by Amelia Lima
  • Garden of the Week Forty 3, Designed by Linda Shotwell
  • Garden of the Week Fortyone 14, Designed by Homeowner
  • Garden of the Week Fortysix 7, Designed by Robin Baker
  • Garden of the Week Five 13, Designed by Jody Palmer
  • Garden of the Week Six 10, Designed by Dan Berger
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Gallery Front Yards
Dragon Tree
Century Plant, Maguey
Mexican Sage
Yellow Bush Spurge
Golden Toothed Aloe
Silver Dollar Plant
Designer: Greg Hebert Landscape Arch.

Garden Ideas: Front Yards

Photographer: GardenSoft
Dragon Tree

Common name: Dragon Tree
Botanical name: Dracaena draco

This evergreen succulent-looking tree slowly grows to is similar to a palm tree and will grow 25' tall and wide. End of branches have large, sword shaped, blue green leaves which can by 2' long and 1.5' wide! This unusual looking tree produces clusters of green white flowers on the end of the branches during summer, followed by orange berries. However, it may take 10 years before blooms appear. Trunk is gray, single and smooth, with multi-stemmed branches. This tree does best in full sun with well draining, fertile soil. When established, it is drought tolerant. This plant also grows indoors, with strong indirect light. It can reach 3' tall. Interesting note: if the bark is bruised or cut, it may "bleed" a reddish resin which can be used to stain wood. This resin is called "Dragon's blood".

Century Plant, Maguey

Common name: Century Plant, Maguey
Botanical name: Agave americana

This plant is fast growing to about 6'-10' tall and 8'-13' wide. Wide gray leaves have stiff terminal spines and recurved teeth on margins. It prefers full sun and well-drained situations. After blooming, which could take several years, it will die but will send up new pups from around the base. Some people are allergic to the sap. Removal is difficult if unwanted.


Common name: Kleinia
Botanical name: Senecio mandraliscae

Kleinia is a spreading succulent and ground cover that grows to about 6" to 18" tall with florescent blue green foliage. The ice plant like leaves are long and slender.It is from South Africa and works well in Mediterranean gardens. It is good in most sun conditions and can take very little watering or regular garden watering making it very adaptable for garden design. It performs best with full sun and regular water. Once it is established it is very drought tolerant. It is easy to propagate as are many succulents. Any section of the plant broken off and dug into the soil will reroot.

Mexican Sage

Common name: Mexican Sage
Botanical name: Salvia leucantha

The Mexican Sage is a bushy shrub that grows 3'-4' tall and wide. It has hairy white stems, grey-green leaves and velvet-like purple flower spikes that bloom summer through fall. This shrub tolerates sun, light shade, little water, and is hardy to 15 degrees F. The Mexican Sage attracts hummingbirds. Be careful not to overwater. -Cornflower Farms

Yellow Bush Spurge

Common name: Yellow Bush Spurge
Botanical name: Euphorbia characias wulfenii

Broad clusters of lime green flowers appear in winter and spring. These flowers create dense, round cylindrical masses! This evergreen perennial has upright stems forming a 4' tall dome-shaped bush. Crowded all along the stems are narrow, blue-green leaves. Once it's established, it is drought tolerant. Until the seeds ripen, the flower color holds with only slight fading. At that point, the stalks should be cut out at the base. Use gloves as sap is poisonous or could cause contact dermatitis.

Golden Toothed Aloe

Common name: Golden Toothed Aloe
Botanical name: Aloe X nobilis

This succulent perennial will only grow 1' tall and 1' wide. It has large, sharp, dark green leaves and clusters of red-orange flowers that bloom in summer. Gold Tooth Aloe drought tolerant when established, native to Africa, forms rosettes heavily offsetting to form wide clusters. Has beautiful golden orange tubular flowers seasonally. Hummingbirds are attracted to this plant. Porous soil with adequate drainage and protection from frost is needed to keep this plant healthy.

Silver Dollar Plant

Common name: Silver Dollar Plant
Botanical name: Crassula arborescens

This succulent perennial will grow 4'-5' tall and wide. It has thick, silver gray leaves with a tint of pink around the edges. It will do best in partial shade to full sun with well draining soil. It is drought tolerant once it's established. Be careful not to overwater. It does not tolerate humidity and hot evenings. White flowers appear in spring but this is rare in cultivation. This plant can be used indoors but needs bright light. Looks great in containers.