Bloodgood Japanese Maple
Marina Strawberry Tree
Japanese Boxwood

Bloodgood Japanese Maple

Common name: Bloodgood Japanese Maple
Botanical name: Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood'

The Japanese Maple is a small tree standing only 20-25' high and 20' wide. Its outstanding foliage is a somber red and contrasts nicely with the bark. The tree also has a striking scarlet fall color.

Marina Strawberry Tree

Common name: Marina Strawberry Tree
Botanical name: Arbutus 'Marina'

The 'Marina' has gorgeous bark, with leaves that are smaller and not as glossy as Pacific Madrone. Its flowers are pink, borne in pendant clusters in the summer. The fruit is large, red and quite ornamental. The plant should be grown in sun to part shade, with little or no summer watering when established. The 'Marina' prefers good drainage. Other Common Names: Marina Madrone

Japanese Boxwood

Common name: Japanese Boxwood
Botanical name: Buxus microphylla japonica

Japanese Boxwood is often used as a hedge. It is compact, with small bright green leaves. It can reach 4-6' tall and wide or be kept smaller through pruninig. It can be sheared to shape. It does better in areas with milder winters. It prefers full sun and a moderate amount of water.