Nandina, Heavenly Bamboo
Tussock Bellflower

Nandina, Heavenly Bamboo

Common name: Nandina, Heavenly Bamboo
Botanical name: Nandina domestica

Nandina domestica is a graceful upright shrub that grows from 3'-6' in height. It gets its name from its bamboo-like growth habit. When thinned from the center it bears a remarkable resemblance to bamboo. It is best used in groups. It can be used in a shaded patio or out in a shrub border with full sun. An interesting feature of Heavenly Bamboo is the bronze color in the new growth when planted in full sun. It also bears clusters of white flowers in the spring.

Tussock Bellflower

Common name: Tussock Bellflower
Botanical name: Campanula carpatica

This low-growing, reliable perennial can be used in the rock garden or front border. Its flowers are clear blue on 6-10" tall plants, blooming from June through September. The variety is easy to grow in sun or light shade. Mulch to keep the roots cool.