Mondo Grass, Lily Grass
Compact Karo
Aptos Blue Coast Redwood

Mondo Grass, Lily Grass

Common name: Mondo Grass, Lily Grass
Botanical name: Ophiopogon japonicus

This Ophiopogon japonicus is a grass-like plant growing to about 6"-8" high, slowly spreading through underground stems. Its dark green leaves are 1/8" wide, and about 8"-12" long. It makes a beautiful ground cover or accent plant, and does well in Asian style gardens. Flowers and fruit are insignificant.

Compact Karo

Common name: Compact Karo
Botanical name: Pittosporum crassifolium 'Compactum'

Pittosporum crassifolium 'Nana' is an evergreen shrub or tree. It can reach 25' tall and 20' wide in 8-10 years. Branches are densely clothed in gray green, with 1"-2" long leaves that have rounded ends. It produces maroon flowers in late spring.

Aptos Blue Coast Redwood

Common name: Aptos Blue Coast Redwood
Botanical name: Sequoia sempervirens 'Aptos Blue'

The Coast Redwood is an evergreen tree that grows 3'-5' a year and is able to reach 100'-300' tall. This tree has dense, blue green foliage and horizontal branches with branchlets that hang down. It is native to CA and is a very good landscape plant. -Cornflower Farms