Green Hopseed Bush
Giant Chain Fern
Homestead Purple Verbena

Green Hopseed Bush

Common name: Green Hopseed Bush
Botanical name: Dodonaea viscosa

This small evergreen tree or shrub can quickly grow up to 12'-15' high and 12' wide. Leaf color can vary from green to purple. Though it is a shrub, it can pruned to resemble a tree by removing stems except for a central leader. It is drought tolerant. It prefers full sun although it will tolerate part shade and needs well draining soil. It is susceptible to Texas root rot. Yellow/green, small flowers appear in spring, followed by small papery, light brown seed pods that rustle with the slightest wind. Prune dead or damaged branches.

Giant Chain Fern

Common name: Giant Chain Fern
Botanical name: Woodwardia fimbriata

The Giant Chain Fern is a large fern that grows 4'-8' tall. It can tolerate full sun but does best in some shade. This fern is native to California and is drought tolerant. -Cornflower Farms

Homestead Purple Verbena

Common name: Homestead Purple Verbena
Botanical name: Verbena 'Homestead Purple'

This perennial will reach about 3' tall and has small green leaves with purple flowers that bloom during warm weather. It is frost tender but will come back when the ground warms up. Feed with an all-purpose fertilizer once a month during the growing season. This shrub works as a great groundcover. Pinch ends to promote dense growth.