Purple Delight Lilac Hibiscus
English Ivy

Purple Delight Lilac Hibiscus

Common name: Purple Delight Lilac Hibiscus
Botanical name: Alyogyne huegelli 'Purple Delight'

This beautiful evergreen shrub is great for borders, entryways, or hedges in warmer climates. It will grow 6' tall by 4' wide and can be used as a summer annual.

English Ivy

Common name: English Ivy
Botanical name: Hedera helix

This evergreen vine has dark green leaves with pale green veins, climbing upwards to 100'. If used as a ground cover, this plant is less than 1' tall but will spread 100' with time. When mature, clusters of small green flowers bloom in fall, followed by black berries. Best used in pots. Considered invasive in some areas. It does best in part and full shade although it will grow in full sun. It prefers moist, loam soil but established plants will grow in any condition. Be careful where you plant this vine as it may climb and cover gutters, siding, walls.


Common name: Avocado
Botanical name: Persea americana

This is a large tree that can grow as large as an oak. Its exotic, semi-tropical, drupe fruit is famous for making guacamole dip. Frost damages this plant.