Burnished Bronze Coral Bells
Licorice Plant
White Bacopa

Burnished Bronze Coral Bells

Common name: Burnished Bronze Coral Bells
Botanical name: Heuchera 'Burnished Bronze'

This perennial will grow to about 1.5' tall and wide. It has medium-sized, lobed, bronze-colored leaves. Tiny, beige colored flowers appear on thin, wiry, dark stems from late spring to early summer. This clumping perennial prefers filtered sun or part shade. In warm, inland areas, it needs afternoon shade. It does best in rich, well draining soil with regular watering. Prune spent flowers. Mulch plant well in cold winter areas. Great for containers, window boxes, and hanging baskets.

Licorice Plant

Common name: Licorice Plant
Botanical name: Helichrysum petiolare

This groundcover will grow 1'-3' tall and wide. It felt-look, silvery gray, small leaves that densely cover the plant. Because it has a trailing habit, this plant looks great in hanging baskets and containers. It does well in full sun and dry, well draining soil. It is grown for foliage, not flowers which are considered insignificant. Established plants are drought tolerant. Be careful not to overwater.

White Bacopa

Common name: White Bacopa
Botanical name: Sutera cordata

White Bacopa is a prostrate ground cover with white flowers. It reaches 1' tall and spreads to 2' wide. This lovely plant blooms most of the year if given ample water (otherwise, flowers drop). Leaves are small, heart shaped, aromatic and heart shaped. Plant in full sun near coastal areas; provide afternoon shade or complete shade in warm inland areas. It does better in acid, rich soil that is well draining. This is a great plant for containers and hanging baskets.